Good News 丨 MYGT to become China Electronic Chamber of Commerce director of the unit

2017/04/10 | Source: admin

March 28-21, 2017, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce sixth member of the General Assembly and the Council held in Beijing victory. Attended the meeting of China Electronic Information Industry Federation, the former Ministry of Information Industry Minister Wang Xudong, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology Liu Lihua and other leaders, Shenzhen MYGT Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting.


MYGT officially became China Electronic Chamber of Commerce director units, and accepted the Chamber of Commerce issued a qualification certificate.


China Electronic Chamber of Commerce was established in 1988 and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is the national production and operation of electronic information products units and groups of voluntary industry organizations, with independent legal personality, business by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology leadership. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce in the electronic information industry occupies an important position in the domestic and international electronic information industry enjoyed a high reputation, is the World Electronic Forum (WEF) an important member of the organization.


The success of the MYGT to join the Chamber of Commerce, fully reflects the Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen MYGT Co., Ltd. in the VR industry and the development of the hardware industry, the contribution made to give a certain affirmation, and indicates the future in the Chamber of Commerce Under the guidance of the work, MYGT will be better with other outstanding member companies to jointly promote the virtual reality and game peripherals industry development.


MYGT is set research and development, manufacturing and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, stock code 870045. Main business, including VR one machine, game console, controller and peripheral products, the market mainly to the United States, Europe and other countries and domestic markets. After years of development, successfully laid the hardware manufacturing industry leader in the game peripherals.


MYGT is the first proposed VR one machine concept of the enterprise, and relying on a strong capacity to support the integration of supply chain resources, the active layout of the VR market, in the "China Silicon Valley" Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park Dachang business center to establish research and development centers, Industry-renowned scientific research backbone of the R & D team, VR virtual reality, game controller forward-looking technology research, product acceleration to become the core engine.

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