MYGT a rising brand of industry

2017/05/11 | Source: admin

Approved by the State Council, this year, China will be held every year on May 10 as "China Brand Day".Yesterday was China's first brand day, the theme is "deepening the supply side of the structural reform to open a new era of independent brand development".This shows that for all the Chinese brands, with extraordinary, even epoch-making significant significance.MYGT, a rising  brand, rooted in the land of China, 15 years to do a good job, game controller and VR equipment R & D and manufacturing.


MYGT, began in 2002

MYGT source of the game to be creative, 2015 to promote the strategic development of enterprises, began to layout VR virtual reality, become the first proposed VR All In One machine concept of the enterprise, to the market for sale VR AIO machine, for the VR market into a new vitality. At present, the main business runs through the entire game peripherals hardware and VR industry chain, opened two major areas of the layout, the product covers the gamepad (PS3 game controller, Wii game controller, XBOX series game controller), mobile gamepad, Game controller, VR AIO machine equipment and system development solutions, especially the game controller a comprehensive coverage of the computer games, smart mobile and TV game peripherals hardware equipment, the full range, in the depth of mining industry customers based on the needs of products Custom production, customer service covers the game hardware and mobile game field.


Focus on quality

More than 10 years of development , MYGT source of every chapter of the game, have written a focus on the quality of China's manufacturing industry trajectory, every detail, embodies the MYGT source of electronic players to shape the Chinese brand and quality of the responsibility and mission of the pursuit The MYGT development, quality control, production and management team, strict control of product technology and production processes, integration of supply chain system in all aspects of the market demand, product development, manufacturing, delivery services for organic convergence, effectively shorten the production Supply cycle, the formation of more powerful new product iterative supply capacity, making the company's products in the quality, cost control, large-scale production and delivery, and so more competitive. Can provide customers with a comprehensive high-end products to vertically integrated into the machine and accessories products, not only in manufacturing, R & D technology, including structure, ID, hardware, software, electronics, testing and other fields are rich Accumulation, more than 10 years of manufacturing experience and leading precision manufacturing capabilities, can provide customers with one-stop game controller product solutions.


To increase the core of the product, MYGT increase investment in research and development, and located in the "China Silicon Valley" Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park Dachang business center set up R & D center, the introduction of industry-renowned scientific research personnel, composed of R & D team , Aimed at VR virtual reality, game controller forward-looking technology research, but also to promote and influence the development of China's game and virtual reality industry.

Dream of voyage

MYGT, it is to use their own pace of development, to show the world "China to create" the charm of the "independent innovation, to provide users with the ultimate experience of products and services," the brand concept to meet market demand for VR users The most abundant content platform, to become a world-class VR products and game controller manufacturers. June 6-9, 2017 Asia International Consumer Electronics Shanghai Exhibition, Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, Hall No. 2222 Hall, Ming source video invited you to witness!

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